Fighting Temptation: A BWWM Romance Limited Edition Collection

Part of the Wicked Hollywood Kings Series

A Fighting Temptation is a collection of sexy, BWWM romance that will light a fire in your soul.

These sizzling stories will keep you captivated for hours on end. Be prepared to be led into heart-thumping, breathtaking romances that will leave you craving for more.

The heat from these steamy enemies to lovers romances will leave a lasting impression on you.

Please don’t say we didn’t warn you!

This compilation is exclusive and can’t be found anywhere else. Don’t wait. This box set will only be available for a limited time before it is gone forever!

Note: Fighting Temptation contains material for mature readers (18+ and older) only.

Dirty Logan by Karine

From USA Today bestselling author Karine Saint Jacques comes an enemies-to-lovers romance.

A movie star at the top of his career. A broken woman bent on revenge.


Logan Underwood is like a king in Hollywood: He is pursued by the biggest movie studios and idolized by millions of fans around the world.

But they only see the fake side of him.

Unlike them, I know his true colors. He showed them to me in high school, and because of him, I have been scarred, unable to find the love I deserve.

He is my enemy, and I am ready to release a book about what he did to me. Soon, the whole world will find out how dirty he is.

I’m Olivia Davis, and I’m about to destroy the movie career of Logan Underwood.

He might be the most handsome man I’ve ever seen, but I am not going to be distracted.


Olivia Davis. Wow, I haven’t seen her in ten years, and she’s even hotter than in my memories.

Her voluptuous curves are very tempting, and I would rather have her in my bed than fight her.

Too bad she hates me.

That book she wants to release has the power to destroy my career and reveal a past I need buried. But before she can bring me down, I’ll bring her down.

There’s one problem, though: I want her and may not have the strength to resist, and for someone who only does hook-ups, that woman makes me desire something I never thought I would.

I’m Logan Underwood, one of the kings of Hollywood, and I’m about to fall for the only woman who hates me.

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Fighting Temptation: A BWWM Romance Limited Edition Collection


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Chapter One


“Keep moving, guys! It’s not the time to slack off,” I say to the two servers as I juggle between plating the food, stirring shrimp in the pan, and straining pasta. “Run these dishes to table two.”

The short-haired server grabs the plates from the counter and rushes out of the kitchen. My sous chef is sick today, so I’m the only one handling the kitchen. It’s a busy lunch crowd, which is a good sign.

The other server, petite but strong, balances three plates on her arms. “By the way, how’s your book going?”

“Ah, it’s doing amazing,” I say while continuing to multitask. “I have a thousand pre-orders so far.”

“You rock, girl! Can’t wait to read it and discover all the juicy details.”

“Please don’t mention the book in front of Yolanda. She has a big crush on Logan Underwood.”

She draws an invisible line over her lips, promising she will keep mum, then hurries out.

My book, How Logan Underwood Broke Me, is no fiction. It is a part of my past I wish could disappear with the snap of a finger. For two years, I poured my heart out writing this story and reliving the painful memories of what Logan did, hoping it could help me let go of that traumatic past that has scarred me with every romantic relationship I pursue.

But Logan’s never cared, for sure. He is now an A-list movie star, worshipped by millions of women who go ballistic around him. They believe he is a dream guy despite the fact that he goes through hookup after hookup, from what I’ve heard in passing.

I feel on top of the world today. I have a job I love. The tell-all book is successful in pre- order. And I have a new boyfriend named Jerry. Tonight we’re going out on a date, and I can’t wait to be with him.

The phone rings on the counter. My boyfriend’s name flashes on the screen. “Hey, Jerry. I was just thinking of you,” I say on speakerphone as I continue to manage the different tasks.

“I can’t see you tonight, Olivia,” he says. “I forgot I have a friend’s birthday party.”

My chest tightens in disappointment as silence falls between us. Why doesn’t he invite me to the party since we had already planned to spend the evening together? Does he not care about me enough to take it to this level?

“But we had this whole plan…”

“Sorry, Olivia. I’ll call you soon, okay?”

“Sure.” I click the end button and speed up work. I won’t overthink it and let it get to me.

But the letdown lingers. I was anxious to see him tonight. Apparently, it was not mutual. So tonight, change of plans! I’m going to drown my loneliness in a romantic comedy and bottle of Chardonnay with my two pet fish.



It’s the middle of the day when I push open the door to Yolanda’s on La Brea Avenue and take off my sunglasses. It’s a cozy restaurant with black tables and white chairs on a black wooden

floor. All the tables are occupied, and as soon as a few patrons recognize me, I have all their attention. A hostess wearing too much make-up comes to greet me, but I shush her.

“Hi, everyone,” I say to all the patrons.

All heads turn in my direction; gasps and whispers ripple through the room.

“Oh my god, it’s Logan Underwood,” a woman whispers. “He’s even more beautiful in real life.”

“I’ll pay for everyone’s check and your next meal here if you leave right this second,” I say as I take out my wallet from my back pocket.

The patrons all flock out the door, just as I expected. Being famous and wealthy has its advantages, but at the same time, it gets boring.

The two waitresses and the hostess gawk at all the patrons exiting. “Is Olivia Davis here?” I ask them.

“She’s in the kitchen,” the short-haired waitress says.

“I’ll pay you double what you would have earned today if you leave without telling Olivia I’m here.” I hand my credit card to the same server, who is now behind the cash register at the checkout counter.

“What do you want with her?” the petite waitress asks with a frown. “Just to talk.”

After the three ladies gather their stuff and rush out, I settle on a chair while Zayne, my chauffeur/bodyguard, waits outside in the street.



“Where are the servers?” I say to myself out loud. It’s been five minutes since the last one showed up, and the atmosphere is strangely quiet. “What the hell is going on?”

I already have two dead plates on the counter. I have the urge to go see what the issue is, but at the same time, I can’t leave my kitchen; I’m the only one in here.

“Shoot!” I turn off the burners on the stove and march out of the kitchen.

I traverse a hall and turn onto the main room. Oh, shit. It is empty with the exception of one person.

“Hello, Olivia.”

“Logan? What did you do with the patrons and the rest of the staff?” “I gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse,” he says with a grin.

He knows! And if he was capable of clearing a full restaurant to talk to me, who knows what he will do to stop me from releasing the book?

“Congratulations,” he continues. “I heard about the little book you’re planning to release.” I remove my toque and shake my curly afro. “Thank you?”

Logan moves toward me, his chocolate-brown eyes on me and full lips opening slightly. His dark hair is cropped on the sides. Chiseled arms peek out under his sleeves rolled up at the elbows, and under his black pants, I can make out sinewy thighs. In high school, he was already well-built, but now it shows he did work out a lot all those years.

Ten years have passed since the last time I saw Logan in high school. I have never watched any of his movies. However, living in Los Angeles, I happened to catch sight of his face on gigantic movie posters—they plaster them all over town when a new movie comes out—once or twice while driving.

Seeing him now brings me back to the last year of high school. To us having sex. To the heartbreak and humiliation he triggered with his heartless actions.

His gaze is cold, icing my bones on this hot summer day. “Cancel the book.”

I push my chest forward to give off confidence and boldness. “Of course you don’t want this book to come out, but people need to find out who you truly are.”

He looks away, as if remembering faraway memories. “You don’t know who I am.” “I know enough,” I shoot back.

He turns to me. “It would be in your best interest to scratch that book.”

I did not anticipate Logan to become aware of the book so soon. It has been on pre-order for a month now and is expected to release in two months. With his money and influence against me, I am screwed.

“You don’t know what’s best for me,” I say, keeping my eyes on him.

He hovers over me, forcing me to tilt my neck back. “If you don’t do as I say, I will pursue you legally.”

“You cannot sue me, Logan. Everything in that book is true.”

A vein in his strong jaw throbs. He knows damn well he can’t do that since everything I wrote happened to us. He must be scared that his epic career will crumble in one day, but it doesn’t show. “What do you want?”

“From you?” I scoff. “Nothing at all.”

“Don’t be shy, Olivia.” The corners of his lips turn up. “Ask for what you want. Is it money?”

That would be easy, wouldn’t it? The last thing I want is money or anything from this bastard.

“Just out of curiosity, Logan, how much are you willing to pay for my silence?”

He grins, showing his pearl-white teeth and his eyes gleaming with cockiness. “I knew you couldn’t resist. Five million dollars.”

Holy shit. I won’t lie and pretend that five million dollars is not tempting, even if they’re coming from him. I have no idea if I will earn that extravagant amount of money with the book, but money is not the reason why I’m releasing it. I want Logan Underwood to pay for what he did to me. I want the whole world to finally stop seeing him as the charming guy he’s projecting.

“Nice try, but I don’t want your dirty money,” I say and go back into the kitchen.

He follows me. “You’re turning down five million dollars? I’m sure you’re not making a quarter of that amount.” He forces me to back against the stainless steel table in the kitchen. “What could be more important?” His gaze on me intensifies, causing heat to unfurl over my skin against my will. If he could stop watching me with those intense eyes, I’d appreciate it. Then his lips curl into a smirk. “Oh, I see….”

“What do you see?”

He unbuttons his pants and pushes them down around his thighs, revealing his hard cock. Oh my god. He was hard this whole time? “Climb on me.”

I can’t help but keep staring, and a heat pools between my legs. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Don’t lie, Olivia. I can see you want me to fuck you one more time.”

Typical Logan. Money and sex won’t save him this time. “Hide that monstrosity, will you?”

He frowns. “Monstrosity?”

If I didn’t hate him so much, I would swoon and drool watching his impressive cock. But he needs to be put in his place, and I’m not about to be nice to him. I loathe the guy.

“I’d rather die than sleep with you again,” I say.

A strange emotion, resembling shame, passes through his eyes, and for a second, I almost feel compassion.

“Same,” he says.

I look down at his long cock, lifting my brows. “Clearly.”

“If you go ahead with the release,” he puts his hard length back into his pants and buttons them up, “I will destroy you.”

Sweat glides down my neck. I need to stay strong and not be frightened by his threat. “Those are meaningless words.”

“I’m a powerful and wealthy movie star, Olivia. You should trust my words.”

Cocky bastard. I haven’t thought everything through, I realize. He won’t let me release the book without a fight, but I’m ready to go to war against him.

“Give me your phone,” he commands, extending his hand. “I’m not giving you my phone.”

He snatches my iPhone from the countertop by the stoves.

“Hey! Give it back!” I go after him as he circles the table, but he manages to call his phone with mine and registers my contact information.

As he slides his phone into his back pocket, he says in a cold tone, “You have until the end of the week to remove the book on all online platforms.”

A chill zips up my spine, and by the icy glare he shoots me, I know his threat is serious. “You haven’t changed. You’re still the same asshole.”

He stares at me for a couple of seconds, enough to make my cheeks flush, and walks away. My surprise encounter with the past renders me stunned to the floor.

He can threaten me all he wants; that book is staying in the stores.

end of excerpt

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