How does Bookfunnel work?

When you buy a book from Karine’s Store, it will be delivered to you, guided by Bookfunnel.

After checkout/payment, CHECK YOUR EMAIL for your receipt.

The next email you will receive (on the date of the release in the case of preorders), will be from with the link to download the book with the subject line: “Here’s [title] by Karine Saint Jacques”

This email will contain a link to get your book and will guide you through getting your files onto your computer or device. You will also have the option to start reading right away in your browser, or in the Bookfunnel app.

The link to download your book will be valid for approximately two weeks. You can download different versions of the book files through the link in this email, in case you change your mind which format you’d like. Once the code has expired the link will no longer work and you will need to find your book in your Bookfunnel Library.

Go to
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If you have any trouble, go to Bookfunnel’s help and they will be happy to assist.

How can I access my Bookfunnel eBook collection?

All of your purchases can be found in your Bookfunnel library, which can be accessed at any time at the following url:

Go to
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