Series: Wicked Hollywood Kings Series

These multi-author anthologies feature movie star romances!

Dreamy Shawn

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Fake dating a movie star…

Here I was, winner of a dinner date with sexy movie star Shawn McCall for a contest I didn’t even enter myself.

I was quite nervous. I even tried to get away from the dinner. You see, he was the type of guy you couldn’t resist even though you knew you’d get burned. I had the habit of falling in love easily, and he was known for his multiple hookups. Basically, not the best combination. And at dinner, just like I feared, he was as flirtatious as ever, even attempted to kiss me and asked to see me again.

Of course, I turned him down. He was the opposite of what I was looking for. That didn’t stop him, though. He came back to my place with a proposition: to fake a relationship for three months. He needed to show he was boyfriend material for a role. And since my yoga studio needed some publicity, I accepted.

But pretending to date had its share of problems that I had a hard time dealing with: Shawn’s determination to rehearse being madly in love, my fear of falling in love with him, his fans….

Could our fake relationship blossom into something more, or was it just not meant to be?

Wicked Obsession: A Limited Edition Collection of Contemporary Romances

This is a free anthology.

Dive into seven wicked romances that range from sinfully sweet… to seductively scorching.

Let us feed your addiction to sexy alpha heroes and strong heroines in this sizzling collection of seven mouthwatering love stories. Whether it’s an arranged marriage with a touch of reverse harem or a dark mafia enemies-to-lovers, you’ll find everything you’re looking for on these tempting, soul-stirring pages.

Fall in love with the secrets of the Hollywood Elite; be seduced by a wounded anti-hero with a heart of gold; and lose yourself in a dark romantic suspense retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Every page of this collection is packed with tantalizing romance that will leave you breathless for more.

Includes Karine’s novella, Indecent Beau.

An arrogant movie star, a curvy screenwriter, and an education between the sheets.

My first impression of Beau Garrett, a successful movie star and producer, was far from good. As a struggling screenwriter, I had a work meeting with him for a writing assignment, a steamy love story, but he acted like a complete jerk, saying that my writing and appearance lacked passion.

Imagine my surprise when he called to apologize and offer me a deal of a lifetime…

The job would be mine on one condition: I had to be his student between the sheets for three months to awaken the passion deep inside me. I was tempted… except I was curvy and scarred from my previous relationships. So as you can imagine, getting intimate with one of the most gorgeous men alive scared me out of my wits.

Those steamy nights with him. Tangled together in silky sheets. The burning passion he awoke… No man had ever made me feel the way he did. His skillful touch empowered me, and I became addicted to him, craving more.

But before the deal ended, could we turn our relationship into a lasting love, or was it doomed from the start?