Publisher: Karine St. Jacques

Dreamy Shawn

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Fake dating a movie star…

Here I was, winner of a dinner date with sexy movie star Shawn McCall for a contest I didn’t even enter myself.

I was quite nervous. I even tried to get away from the dinner. You see, he was the type of guy you couldn’t resist even though you knew you’d get burned. I had the habit of falling in love easily, and he was known for his multiple hookups. Basically, not the best combination. And at dinner, just like I feared, he was as flirtatious as ever, even attempted to kiss me and asked to see me again.

Of course, I turned him down. He was the opposite of what I was looking for. That didn’t stop him, though. He came back to my place with a proposition: to fake a relationship for three months. He needed to show he was boyfriend material for a role. And since my yoga studio needed some publicity, I accepted.

But pretending to date had its share of problems that I had a hard time dealing with: Shawn’s determination to rehearse being madly in love, my fear of falling in love with him, his fans….

Could our fake relationship blossom into something more, or was it just not meant to be?

Beautiful Enemies: Enemies-to-Lovers Reverse Harem

They were falling hard. If only they hadn’t made a bet about her….

Scarlett Young

Landing my dream job was supposed to launch an amazing career.

Instead, it became the genesis of all my troubles, starting with the four leading men of the movie I was hired to direct. Don’t be fooled by their charming smiles and impressive physiques. They were truly devious, and they almost scared me away. 

Surprisingly, after I stood up to them, they sang a different song, seeking forgiveness and coming on to me. They could try, but they wouldn’t succeed. 

They were my enemies, and under no circumstances would I release them from that box.

I’d already been burned too much to let them sneak into my life. 

The Princes of Hollywood

Scarlett Young had to go. But after my friends met her, they wanted to play, which was fine by me. She had a lesson to learn. The bet was simple. Make Scarlett fall in love, then crush her heart. Between the four of us—nicknamed the Princes of Hollywood—she was bound to yield to temptation.  

Or so I thought. Other women might have fainted before us, overcome by the chance to be with us. But for Scarlett? The furthest she was from us, the better she felt. 

As for me and my friends, we grew obsessed with our Scarlett, jealous and protective, desiring her, and even losing our hearts to her.

And when we discovered that others were out to hurt her, we didn’t take kindly to it. They were messing with the wrong woman.

And even though, as movie stars, the whole world was watching each of our moves closely, they soon would pay.

Author’s Note: Beautiful Enemies is Book 1 of Wicked Knights, a Hollywood enemies-to-lovers romance series where the heroine falls in love with four movie stars who will do anything for her. The story continues in Book 2.