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Beautiful Enemies: Enemies-to-Lovers Reverse Harem

First, they wanted her gone, even made a bet against her. Then? Good luck to those who dared to approach her. 

Bellamy: Make Scarlett fall in love, then crush her heart… Smooth sailing for a movie star, isn’t it? Especially for one as handsome as me. 

RJ: Now, picture this with four irresistible heartthrobs.…

Ashton: Our female movie director had a lesson to learn. 

RJ: Only she wasn’t falling for our game. 

Sawyer: Instead, we became obsessed with our sweet Scarlett, jealous and protective, desiring her, and even losing our hearts to her.

Bellamy: And when we discovered that others were out to hurt her, this didn’t sit well with us. They were messing with the wrong woman. 

Ashton: And even though, as movie stars, the whole world was watching every one of our moves, they soon would pay.

Author’s Note: Beautiful Enemies is Book 1 of Wicked Knights, a Hollywood enemies-to-lovers romance series where the heroine falls in love with four movie stars who will do anything for her. The story continues in Book 2.